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Useful facts


The county council is an active partner in the business community in Nord-Trøndelag. Innovation is not something that is adopted; it is something that is created and developed, often through interaction between public and private stakeholders.


And, as our vision says - everything is possible! This requires optimism and a belief in the future. It also requires participation and a committed effort. Or, put it another way: the county takes its role and responsibility as regional development agency seriously.

Primary industry


Foto: Steinar Johansen, Namsos

 Fjord Seafood, Leka

Rich forests. Sprawling villages. Agriculture provides the basis for a wealth of innovative opportunities. All along our extensive coastline we have many dynamic small communities that have invested their resources in aquaculture. They will need willing hands and wise heads in the years to come. The same applies to industry. Headed by Norske Skog, Statoil, Aker and NTE, the county has strong industrial communities working in a range of fields. Nord-Trøndelag has indeed become the county where research and development has bloomed in many areas. And that's how it will continue to be.
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