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Useful facts

Namsskogan family park

The population of Nord-Trøndelag is just under 130 000, and has been for many years. This gives a population density of five inhabilitants per square kilometre. As is the case in other conties, the population growth rate in the suburbs is more favourable than that of the outlying districts.

Salmon Namsen

Determined efforts are therefore being made to boost these areas, not least because they represent opportunities and qualities that we appreciate.

Golf in Verdal


Foto: Steinar Johansen, Namsos

 Girl in winter landscape

The average income for the inhabitants of Nord-Trøndelag is not at the top of the national average. But then, neither is the cost of living, rate of unemployment, crime rate or level of pollution. Ask instead about the conditions for children growing up, our services related to health and the elderly, cultural activities, well-being, sports facilities, hunting and fishing opportunities abd the ability/will to think innovatively. You are then guaranteed to get a positive response!
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