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Growing up

Useful facts


When you live in the centre of Norway and the Nordic region, it goes without saying that you have good access to transport networks, whether it be to one the country's main airports or one of the smaller ones with regular flights.


The Nordlandsbanen railway line winds its way through the entire county, while the Maråkerbanen line runs across the border into Sweden. A 300-km-long strech of the country's longest European motorway provides us with numerous connections to the rest of the world.



Foto: Steinar Johansen, Namsos

 Store Hegg Sea, Snåsa

For the inhabitants of Nord-Trøndelag, clean air and beautiful countyside are blessings that are taken for granted. Here, new generations grow up in close contact with nature and in a secure environment. Even the big cities of Nord-Trøndelag have a distinctly well-organised social infrastructure, with good schools and well-integrated residential neighbourhoods. In the center of Norway - perfectly located!
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