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Enjoying life

Useful facts

The Battle of Stiklestad

One thusand years after the Battle of Stiklestad, the play commemorating this historical event continues to be the country's most celebrated play.

The Norwegian Revue Festival in Høylandet

The Norwegian Revue Festival in Høylandet is also worth mentioning here.


We are also the proud home of attractions such as Namsos Rock City, the NorwegianCoastal Culture Center in Vikna, and the Wonderful Midnight Opera in Steinvikholmen. All of them cultural beacons of national status - and all of them in the curtural county of North Trøndelag.


Foto: Steinar Johansen, Namsos

Midnight Opera in Steinvikholmen 

Everyday life is where we should experience comfort and well-being. The people of Nord-Trøndelag have a reputation for being friendly, down-to-earth, hospitable - and, increasingly, creative. You would have a hard time finding another county as heavily committed to culture and the arts as Nord-Trøndelag. You only have to read the local newspapers to see that cultural activities - in the broadest sense of the word - are important for most people. 
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