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Nord-Trøndelag County



You have to contribute to decide.
You should be allowed to develop your talents.
It should be a short distance from idea to action.
Together we create the best future.

Here, everything is possible - no matter what!

Nord - Trøndelag county is led by an elected assembly, the county council. The county council contributes to Nord-Trøndelag emerging an attractive region for industry and settlement.

Nord-Trøndelag county is responsible for providing different services:  areas of education, business, culture, dental health and overall regional development, including environmental and regional policy.

The county provides welfare services that are too large for one single municipality or perform tasks for regions/several municipalities.

The central administration is located in Steinkjer.
Nord-Trøndelag fylkeskommune Besøksadresse: Seilmakergata 2, 7725 Steinkjer
Postadresse: Postboks 2560, 7735 Steinkjer
Tlf: 74 11 36 00 Org.nr: 938 967 091 E-post: postmottak@ntfk.no